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Hands-on learning forms the basis of our program. In our close-knit classrooms, you’ll get to know your professors and get real-world experience and first class instruction. And you’ll connect with your fellow students in ways you wouldn’t at other universities. Our instruction and facilities are top-notch, and are all available to undergraduate students.

Program Overview

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry.

Featured Alumni Profile

Smith Purdum, 2018

Chemist, EFI Global

I am a fire debris analyst for a private forensic lab in the Sacramento area.

Career Options

A degree in chemistry will provide a solid preparation for a broad range of occupations. A major factor influencing employability is preparation in a specialized field. We have active undergraduate research programs where you have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of chemistry. 

The research areas include: biochemistry, physical chemistry, molecular modeling, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, floral-scents, molecular electronics, marine chemistry, aqueous chemistry, trace metal analysis, and atmospheric chemistry.

Organic Chemist
Inorganic Chemist
Analytical Chemist
Research Chemist
Clinical Chemist
Chemical Analyst
Lab Assistant/Tech
Research Assistant
Junior Chemist
Chemical Engineer

Medical Technologist
Genetic Engineer
Environmental Consultant
Fiber Chemist
Forensic Chemist
Agricultural Commodities Inspector
Food & Drug Inspector