Get Involved

Students have opportunities! Apply YOUR knowledge to solve real-world problems in water quality, biotechnology, synthesis of novel compounds for biomedical applications, and designing better solar panels.

Here are a few ways to get involved:

American Chemistry Society

Our Chemistry and Biochemistry B.S. degrees are approved by the American Chemistry Society, one of the largest professional scientific societies in the world by membership.

Find out more about the American Chemistry Society.

The Free Radicals Chemistry Club

The Free Radicals Chemistry Club is our department's award winning student affiliate of the American Chemical Society. Students participate in fun activities such as tie dying T-shirts and also learning about the chemistry involved, as well as professional activities such as leading research experience for undergraduates workshops. Come bond with us. Get out of that low energy state and participate. Be in an excited state with the Free Radicals.

Chemistry Seminars

CHEM 485 is a senior capstone course for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. Students are provided this opportunity to present on a current topic of their choosing in chemistry and biochemistry. All chemistry majors, other STEM related majors, faculty, staff, and other outside guests are encouraged to attend and support our student speakers. Additionally, invited speakers may be scheduled. 

Fridays from 2-2:50 PM, Science A room 564, see the full schedule.

Diversity in STEM

Find your place at Humboldt! Check out the INRSEP and diversity in STEM program at Cal Poly Humboldt. This program also houses our Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program (LSAMP) which can fund YOUR research, and the McNair training program for first generation STEM students. 

Cal Poly Humboldt Pre-Pharmacy 

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors interested in pre-pharmacy preparation should contact our pre-pharmacy advisor. Find out how you can take the courses needed to be accepted to pharmacy school.

Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy Advisor
Dr. Jeff Schineller,

Cal Poly Humboldt CIRM Bridges Program in Regenerative Medicine

Several Biochemistry graduates have been accepted into the Cal Poly Humboldt CIRM Bridges 3.0 internship after graduation. This one-year program allows students to participate in research as a post baccalaureate intern in cutting edge multidisciplinary stem cell and regenerative medicine research.  Recent graduates are completing their internships at Stanford University and University of California, Davis. Find out more about requirements and former student research projects!

Learn how to get involved with CIRM.